Should I Rent a Dumpster or Take Trash to the Dump Myself?

You might have a lot of trash and recyclable items you want to remove from your property after a big renovation project or cleanout. There are two main options to work with. You can either rent a Garbage or Recycling Bin or haul the trash to the dump yourself. If you’re trying to decide which option to go with, read through these factors to help you make the smartest decision.

How Much Trash Do You Need to Haul?

Depending on the amount of debris you’d like to throw out, you might not have access to a vehicle that can support the weight and size of it. This is where a dumpster bin might come in handy for you since dumpster bin rental services offer multiple sizes to accommodate different types of loads and their demands.

Even if you do have a vehicle made for hauling heavy weight, like a half-ton pickup truck per se, it may not fit all the waste you have. This leads to you making extra trips, spending an ample amount of time and additional fuel expenses. For instance, the weight and volume of what you could fit in two truck loads could likely fit in just a single 4-yard dumpster. Other comparable sizes are:

6-yard dumpster = three pickup trucks

10-yard dumpster = five pickup trucks

15-yard dumpster = seven pickup trucks

20-yard dumpster = ten pickup trucks

40-yard dumpster = twenty pickup trucks

Unlike pickup trucks, dumpster bins give you the option of space and simplicity before you even get started. It’s hassle-free, cost-efficient and the best part – you don’t have to travel anywhere. Pick-up trucks might only be a good option if you have a small load to dump, but even then most municipalities in Canada can take that small load off your curb on their garbage days!

The choice is clear. A dumpster bin that’s delivered and picked up to and from your property is your best bet.

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Great Reasons to Rent a Dumpster Bin This 2022 New Year

A new year means new projects for homeowners! At Mr. Waste, we have served the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Milton regions for over 40 years with affordable and fast bin rentals. We understand that whether you are a commercial or residential contractor or simply just a regular homeowner, that you are bound to take on projects that require bins to make your life easier. This blog post will unpack new projects that will help you better optimize your home living space and overall vitality. 


Undergoing Home Renovations

No matter how big or small, a home renovation can be a very intimidating task that takes considerable planning and strategy. These projects can sometimes create a lot of mess and inconvenience if you don’t have the correct setup. Whether you are preparing for a small bathroom renovation, a full-scale kitchen facelift, or finishing a basement, we recommend investing in a bin rental. Our team will happily help you find the right size rental, deliver it and pick it up all for one price. By investing extra money into container rental, you will live out a less stressed clean-up from your home construction project!


Replacing your Roof 

Roof replacement projects are one of the messiest home renovations. No matter what time of year it is, you will end up with a considerable amount of waste that needs to be appropriately disposed of. Our team recommends a sufficiently sized bin to sit in the driveway where you and your team can easily throw shingles and roof waste into, optimizing the whole process and allowing for a much easier clean-up! 


Getting Your Home Sale-Ready 

It is no doubt the housing market in Southern Ontario has been anything less than something to talk about the past few years since COVID. We understand many homeowners have considered selling or relocating from their current homes. We know many realtors and home-builder clients who constantly tell their customers to rent a bin if they plan on selling their homes. More often than not, your basement or attic will have numerous pieces of garbage that you may not need anymore, depending on how long you have lived in your house. By calling one of our dedicated customer service agents or looking at our website, you can find affordable rates for bin rentals near you. We believe this will give sellers more peace of mind and confidence when it comes to beginning the process of selling their homes. 


Call Mr. Waste for Burlington and Surrounding Region Bin Rentals 

Whatever size renovation or residential project you plan for 2022, we promise we have a local bin rental for you. Call our team or use our user-friendly online booking system to rent a container from us today! 

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How to Declutter Your Home for the Winter

Mr. Waste Inc is a family-owned Milton-based bin rental company providing competitively priced and affordable rates for our clients. We have over 40 years of experience in waste disposal, junk removal and the recycling industry; we can say we are experts in the trade. We see many of our clients wanting or needing to undergo decluttering throughout this more treacherous season. Our team has put together this blog post to highlight the best and easiest way to conduct a home declutter this winter. 


Try Not to Procrastinate 

Putting off procrastination is always a difficult task. We often want things to get done but lack the initial motivation or instruction on getting started. The best piece of advice we can give our clients is to simply just start. If you have any questions or need help getting started, our bin rental team is always a phone call away and can help you get the ball rolling. 


Set a Specific Date

Setting and committing to a specific date is always a great idea too. Do you work weekends or weekdays? Do you have any other significant commitments that same week? Give yourself a time of the week that works best with your other obligations, and book your bin rental for then. 


Make a List 

What areas of your house do you want or need to be decluttered? Are there specific rooms you need to spend more time in? Are there any parts that need extra attention? Taking time to write a prioritized and numbered list will do wonders for you on the day of your bin delivery. You and your helpers will have a straightforward understanding of what needs to get done and when. Spend a little extra time, in the beginning, drafting this list, and it will help immensely in the long run. 


Share Your Strategy with Everyone Involved 

Is this a one-person job, or will the whole family be involved? Be sure to share your game plan with anyone else involved to ensure a seamless and less stressful bin-rental day. 


Rent a Dumpster Bin

Last but not least, rent a dumpster bin to take extra headaches away. Our team specializes in waste disposal and recycling, so you don’t have to worry about proper disposal or guidelines for your township. By renting a dumpster bin with Mr. Waste, you will save time on delivery, pick up and removal. It is an investment in experiencing less stress and a more leisurely declutter day. 


Enjoy your Decluttered Space 

Sit back and enjoy your cleaner space this holiday and winter season. This project is bound to run efficiently with the help of initial planning.


Call Mr. Waste For All Your Bin Rental Needs

If you or your family have any questions or interest in Milton bin rentals or are curious on how the process works, call our family-run business today and we will be happy to answer any questions. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Why Autumn is the Best Time to Rent a Dumpster Bin

Mr. Waste is a family-owned bin rental company providing garbage pick up, trash removal, dumpster rental, mini bin rental, and recycling services to Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and the surrounding regions. Our dedicated team has put together this blog post to help local homeowners see the highlights of renting a dumpster bin this time of year. 


Transition Season

Autumn is a transition season, which is the in-between period between a major temperature transition and change. Summer and winter are more temperature intense months where some activities are harder to do. You can’t have a backyard BBQ in the wintertime. This means that autumn is a great time to do yard work which can be more easily completed by additionally renting a dumpster bin.


Winter is Coming 

Winterizing your home can look like a lot of different things. From inside actic clean outs, to fertilizing the lawn and cleaning fallen leaves, a dumpster bin can come in handy. It is harder to get large home renovations done throughout the winter due to the cold temperatures, so fall tends to be the last chance of the year where home owners can reap the rewards of the moderate temperatutes. 


Call Mr. Waste For Your Next Bin Rental

Autumn time or any season, Mr. Waste is here to serve home owners and contractors with affordable, sizable and last minute bin rental services. We have the perfect sizes for larger commercial projects or smaller driveway bins for homeowners. Contact our team today to speak with a team member and learn more.

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6 Occasions Where You Can Benefit From Renting a Dumpster

mr waste dumpster

Mr. Waste is a dedicated bin rental company proudly serving the Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and Milton regions. We are a family-run company and love what we do. We not only have an extensive range of bins to choose from, but we ensure all bins are adequately sorted and waste ends up in allocated places. We work with handfuls of contractors, commercial owners, and residential homeowners. We know construction and renovations tend to be a leading reason for people to rent dumpsters. Still, we have put together this blog post highlighting occasions where renting a bin would be highly advantageous. 



This is an excellent idea for both commercial and residential owners. If you own a business and plan on running a fundraiser, you may need to throw out waste from parts of your business space before inviting guests. In addition, homeowners may need to clear out parts of their backyard or rooms of their home to prepare for the number of guests attending their home fundraising event. 


A Backyard Wedding

A backyard wedding is always a lovely and memorable event. It is ubiquitous for extensive yard work to be completed before the big day. A home owner can collect a lot of waste from removing trees, adding new greenery, removing stumps, throwing away old trash, and cleaning out yard shelters. We recommend hiring a full-service bin rental to throw everything away over the few weeks you conduct the removals. That way, when it comes to the big day, your yard will be clean, fresh, and ready to enjoy.


An Open House 

Are you selling your home? The process of selling a home can be a little daunting, but not when you have a full-service bin rental conveniently in your driveway! Allow a dumpster to quickly get rid of any old, unwanted junk or furniture that you don’t want cluttering up your open house! 


A Job Change

Are you starting a new business? If so, congratulations! In the time of COVID-19, many people have begun working from home and needing home offices. Using a dumpster to throw away old belongings to make way for a new workspace is not only an efficient but exciting way to welcome in a career change!


Call Mr. Waste for All Your Waste Removals Rentals 

Our family-run, experienced and professional dumpster rental company is here for all your unique occasion rentals. Whether it is a wedding or a job change, our service team will make sure to find you the perfect size bin for your event and a new chapter. Give us a call today!

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5 Reasons You Should Rent a Dumpster Bin When Renovating

home renovations

The team here at Mr. Waste has been providing affordable dumpster bin rentals to the Milton and surrounding areas since 2016. We have happily created a roster of exceptional clients who come from all different walks of life. We have commercial contractors, local homeowners, and developers renting from us on a monthly basis. We have put together this blog post to illustrate eight great reasons why you, like our dedicated clients, should rent a dumpster bin when running a renovation project. 

You Will Save Time

By renting a dumpster bin for your renovation, you will save considerable time in the long run. Instead of planning on collecting all the waste and debris and dropping it off at a garbage yard yourself, you can throw everything in one of our bins and forget about it. Save more than half a day by investing in a bin rather than disposing of your reno garbage yourself. 

You will Commit

It is unlikely to prolong or push back your renovation dates when you begin to schedule contractors and other elements such as a bin rental. Commit to a day and time, schedule your bin lease time frame, and get excited knowing you are one step closer to completing your renovation project.

You Are Making a Green Choice

Any reputable bin rental company will offer green-bin options and sort recyclable products. Also, know you are saving CO2 emissions by having a streamlined bin company deliver and pick up the bin from your home. Instead of running around the town to different recycling and garbage facilities, our team will take care of all your waste and do it in a green manner. 

Be a Good Neighbour

Another excellent reason to book a bin lease during your residential renovation is that you will keep your neighbours happy. Instead of having an old wall or carpet material accidentally blow or carry over to your neighbours yard, everything can be thrown directly into the bin. This decreased clean-up time and will keep your neighbours happy.  

Safe For Everyone

There always runs a risk of someone getting injured during a renovation, demolition or installation process. From old nails to jagged wood pieces, people can easily trip or cut themselves unintentionally. Having a bin conveniently in your home driveway will dispose of all hazardous materials immediately and safely. 

Book a Milton Dumpster Bin with Us Today!

If you or a family member is planning on a residential renovation, consider leasing a bin with Mr. Waste. We ensure excellent customer service, affordable prices, and an overall positive experience. Contact us to learn more today. 

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The Advantages of Working with a Family-Run Bin Rental Company

20 yard dump bin

Mr. Waste is a family-owned and runs a company that provides dependable rental services for all types of dumpsters and bins. We have provided affordable garbage bin rentals to Milton and surrounding areas for 5+ years and strive to continue being our client’s first choice. We believe Mr. Waste’s family dynamic has insurmountable advantages over choosing a commercially owned dumpster bin company. This article will illustrate why you should hire a family-run bin rental company today.  


Greater Loyalty 

Family-run businesses are more likely to be more committed and loyal to the company and its clients. Since Mr. Waste is a family-run operation, we are working among our family members daily — and having a great family relationship, we, therefore, have a much greater loyalty than a commercial company who may not be related. We pride ourselves on working towards the same goals and business mission.


Streamlined Experience 

We have built Mr. Waste together from the ground up since day one. This means we have collectively worked through learning curves, transitions, and growth periods as a team. We have built a streamlined business that we know works. The whole team at Mr. Waste is on the same page regarding business operations and systems. This means we have a particular way of doing things strategically implemented to benefit our customers and their service experiences. 


Long Term Outlook 

The entire team at Mr. Waste shares a similar long-term outlook for the business. This means when you hire us; you are investing in a long-term relationship—most of our clients who have worked with our work with us a second and third time. We have 10 and 20 year plans to grow and serve our communities, which is only beneficial for our current and future clients. We aim to be the first choice of bin rentals at the most affordable rates. 


We Love What We Do

When you work with a family-run company, you can trust the employees who are providing your services are not in it for a mere paycheque. We all work together because we enjoy our time at the company and love what we do. Providing top-notch customer service, affordable rates, and a positive rental experience are all our core motives. When you hire us once, you will hire us again, guaranteed. 


Call Our Team for Your Next Milton, Burlington, Hamilton Bin Rental 

Do you live in the Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, or surrounding regions? Are you a homeowner seeking to clear out your home or backyard? Give our dedicated team a call or visit our easy online booking system and website to learn more today. 

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5 Reasons You Need a Bin Rental this Summer

dumpster bin rental

Whether you are a business owner, homeowner, or contractor, if you need to dispose of unwanted items from a summer project, you likely want it done in a fast and environmentally friendly manner. Luckily Mr. Waste proudly provides full-service dumpster rental services for the Mississauga and surrounding areas. We’ve put together a list of reasons to rent a bin rental this summer so you can complete your projects quicker and easier. 


Unwanted Home Junk

Are you a homeowner looking to clear out your home this summer season? We provide handfuls of customers with small and medium-sized bins that fit residential driveways for house cleaning projects. Whether it is a basement you need clearing out or a garage, Mr. Waste can recommend the perfect size bin for your junk removal.


Summer Renovation

Summer is a great time to make updates and changes to your home. Whether it is a full-scale kitchen renovation, a deck extension or a minor bathroom reno, you will likely need to do some demolition work or clear out old materials. That is where Mr. Waste comes in to ensure your waste is removed quickly and environmentally friendly. Book weeks in advance or the same day; our team will set up your driveway and drop off the bin, so it’s ready for your use. 


Yard Work and Landscaping 

Landscaping and pool installation companies are likely to be fully booked this summer. Since the pandemic invited homeowners to invest in their own homes and yard spaces, there has been a significant increase in yard and landscaping projects. Throw old shrubs, decks, and debris in one of our rental bins and have space to create an at-home oasis for your friends and family to enjoy. 


Construction Site

Are you a general contractor? Whether you are in the masonry, interlocking, custom-home building or framing industry, we have you covered. Mr. Waste offers residential bin rentals, but we also specialize in commercial bin sizes and rentals. Whether it is a week or summer-long project, we have rental prices and sizes that will fit your needs. 


Office Cleanout 

Many business owners and property managers are re-purposing their office spaces with the Ontario economy and workforce opening back up. Whether you are downsizing, upsizing or looking to sell your office space, we have bins that are perfect for clearing out the old. 

We proudly serve the Mississauga and surrounding areas with full-service dumpster bin rentals for commercial, residential and industrial projects. Contact our dedicated customer service today or use our easy online booking service to get a quote today. 

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Tips for Basement Renovation Garbage Removal

basement renovations

It is no doubt the last year of lockdowns have given homeowners extra time to spend inside their homes. The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired many homeowners to consider transforming their basement space into something more than just storage space. The team at Mr. Waste is here to say it is not too late to dispose and renovate! We are here to provide you with the best and most affordable bin rental services in Southern Ontario and support you in optimizing the removal process. We have put together a list of tips to follow for when you begin clearing out your basement for renovation. 


  • Inventory Checklist 

One way to ensure your basement garbage removal project goes smoothly is to take an initial mental or written inventory of everything you have. Take time before the removal day and walk and sift through what is there. This will put you ahead of schedule for when you have to section everything into piles. Instead of running into handfuls of belongings, you forgot you had, spend time analyzing if it’s worth keeping, you will already know what needs to go and what you can keep.


  • Organize and Section

This part can take some patience, but it will go fast once you have everything planned. Do you know where donations will go? Do you know where you will put the things you are keeping? And do you have a garbage disposal bin for everything else? If your answers are all yes, it is time to put things into piles and clear everything out. 


  • Dispose of the Garbage 

This part is typically the easiest part of the basement clear-out process, especially if you have hired a full-service bin removal company like Mr. Waste. Renting a bin for a waste-removal project will save you tons of time, energy and money in the long run. Instead of waiting for oversized garbage days or hiding garbage in your backyard shed, dispose of everything you don’t need the same day with a bin rental. Many companies offer same-day rentals and pick-ups, all for your convenience. 

Are you planning on a basement renovation or facelift? Are you also in need of full-service bin rental services in Southern Ontario? We have a team of dedicated customer service agents on standby to answer all your questions, offer quotes and schedule your bin for drop off and pick up. Whether you plan on a smaller basement clear-out or full-scale commercial disposal, Mr. Waste is here for all your bin rental needs. 

How to Choose a Residential Friendly Bin Rental Company

residential dumpster bin

At Mr. Waste Inc, we deal with various clients, from industrial contractors to smaller residential families. We supply both contractor and residential bin rentals for the Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Burlington regions. 

However, although we see that our larger-scale contractor clients are well versed in the dumpster bin rental process, our residential clients are not as experienced and are more hesitant with the rental process.

Mr. Waste Inc proudly offers full-service residential bin rentals for families and homeowners.

Here are a few recommendations we offer when selecting the best bin rental company for your next residential renovation project.


Offers Residential Packages or Competitive Pricing

The first way to find out if you are working with a good bin rental company for your home project is to find out if they offer residential packages and rates.

This is a fast way to know if a company services residential clients or only deals with contractors and is trying to make an extra buck with your residential inquiry.

Companies that deal with both clientele will typically offer fair and competitive quotes and pricing.


Offer Different Bin Sizes

A good dumpster bin rental company that does business with homeowners will offer various sizes for your home project. For example, Mr. Waste Inc offers bin sizes from six to forty feet in size. 

So whether you are doing work inside of a tighter subdivision or a larger multiple-acre home, we will offer adequate bin size options for your unique venture.


Good Customer Service 

The last way to discover if you are dealing with the right bin rental company for your residential renovation endeavour is the customer service level.

High-quality customer services will include a user-friendly website, a relevant social media presence and, of course, a friendly and educated customer service representative when you contact the company.

A proper bin rental company will answer all your questions, give pricing, and explain service terms and procedures.

At Mr. Waste Inc, we have dedicated customer service agents to answer your questions, give quotes and book your bin rental services any time of the day. This ensures we are knowledgeable, professional and always providing consistent, high-quality service.

If you are looking for a dumpster bin company that offers residential bin rental services, contact us today. We proudly serve all homeowners in the Oakville, Milton, Mississauga and Burlington regions. 

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