Why Should I Do My Landscaping In The Fall?


Most would assume the best time to get their landscaping done is in the spring, but experts actually suggest it’s the fall. The cooler temperatures are easier for you to work in and aren’t as fluctuating as they are in the spring. During springtime, there’s overnight freezes, heavy rainfall, and unexpected snowfall. Experts say planting perennials, shrubs, and trees during the fall allows them to establish a root system without spending energy on growing leaves or blooming flowers. Then, when spring rolls around, they will have a strong root system allowing them to put all their energy towards growing strong.  …

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Construction Site Dumpsters for Construction Companies

construction site clean-up

Construction projects, especially ones that require demolition, always result in a build-up of garbage, waste, and debris laying around. If construction waste isn’t managed properly, it can become a safety concern for those working on-site. In addition, it’s important for the garbage to be removed and disposed of in the most professional and legal manner.  The bigger the construction project, the more waste you’ll have to dispose of, which is why renting a large dumpster bin like the ones available at Mr. Waste is the way to go. At Mr. Waste, we offer 5 different dumpster bin sizes, so no …

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How to Prepare for your Dumpster Bin Arrival

Mr. Waste dumpster bin

If you’re in the midst of doing a massive waste clean-up in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, or Mississauga area, then renting a dumpster bin is your best option. When preparing for the arrival of your first dumpster bin, you might not know where to start. This blog will help you get ready ahead of time so ensure you fill up your dumpster as efficiently as possible.   Find a spot for your dumpster rental Many people wait until the container arrives and the truck driver is waiting for you to make space. This can be avoided if you do it …

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How to Keep Your Bin Rental Costs Down

mr waste dumpster

Great news! You’ve decided that it’s finally the time to rent a dumpster bin. Now you can successfully get rid of all that cluttered junk in your garage, basement, and yard. If you’ve ever rented a junk removal bin, you know what it feels like when the bin is delivered. It looks so big, almost overwhelming, and it can feel like you’ll never be able to fill it. The truth is, when you actually start using it, you realize that the bin can fill up fast. A lot faster than you think. You might end up wondering if you need …

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Most Eco-friendly Way To Dispose Your Old Mattress

old mattress

Here at Mr. Waste, we often get phone calls and emails from people asking what to do with their old mattress. Our answer is always to recycle it! That should be your only option. Unfortunately, even though up to 90 percent of your mattress is recyclable, we estimate that maybe 90 percent of mattresses actually end up in landfills, where they go on to pollute our environment. Many parts of your old mattress can be recycled such as the steel coils and cotton outer layer which can go into new products after getting processed at a recycling center. In addition, …

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The Environmental Benefits of Renting a Dumpster

With the direction of climate change today, being mindful of the environment is a massive priority for everyone. Whether you’re completing a large commercial construction project or removing unwanted items out of your home, it’s important to do what’s best to protect the environment. At Mr. Waste, we offer dumpster rentals – an environmentally friendly alternative to dumping waste.  Below is a breakdown of all the benefits so you can learn in preparation of your scheduled delivery date!   Ensures All Debris Is Picked Up When using multiple trash bins or bags, it can be really easy to spill garbage …

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5 Day Decluttering Process


The warm weather is finally here after an extremely long and tiring winter. This usually comes with a desire to clean and reorganize your home. Here is our 5-step, 5-day process on how to completely transform your home! Day 1 – Planning Get that notebook out and sit down with the other members of your household. Try to establish everyone’s responsibilities based on what needs to be cleaned and put away. Then determine the size of the dumpster bin that you’ll need. Luckily Mr. Waste has plenty of options at your service. Next, you should see what items are donatable …

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How to Deal with Construction Waste

construction clean-up

Construction projects, regardless of their size, can take a lot of time, energy, and resources to complete. After the finishing touches, it’s easy to forget about the waste that needs to be dealt with. Whether big or small, construction projects come with a lot of waste that needs to be safely cleared and disposed of. Luckily for you, Mr. Waste is your go-to dumpster company for a wide range of units depending on the size of the project and volume of waste. Our dumpster rental service is unique; we take the time to assess your project needs before recommending the …

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How to Spring Clean your House

Spring is here, which means it’s time for that annual spring cleaning! Here’s a checklist on how you can clean your house and throw away your junk in the most effective way.   How To Spring Clean Your Bedroom Desk – go through all the drawers and cabinets in your desk, nightstand and TV stand and remove any unnecessary clutter Curtains – carefully remove and wash them. Even if they appear to be clean, they still collect a lot of dust. Scrubbing might be necessary for some stains. Cobwebs – gross, but definitely a must to remove them from the …

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What To Do/Not To Do With Water Damage

During the snowy winter months, it’s normal for our homes to be more susceptible to water damage. Heavy snow and rain storms can cause pipes to burst, rooks to leak and basements to flood. These events are out of our control, but the way we manage them definitely is. Here are some great tops for water accidents and steps to take for damage control, such as renting a dumpster bin.   Tips To Avoid Water Damage The best place to start when weather proofing your home is the exterior. It is important to check exterior conditions annually. Window seals, roof, …

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