When is the best time to renovate?

At Mr. Waste, customer satisfaction is important to us. That’s why we’d like to suggest something that may not follow popular opinions, but surprisingly works in the world of construction, renovation and managing it all.

The popular belief is that the best time to tackle a home renovation project would be during the spring or summer, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on exactly what kind of renovation you’re planning to do, doing it during the winter can be far more beneficial for you than any other time of year.

Like any other business, prices for construction rise as the demand for work rises. Prices for demolition, junk removal, bin rental, and other parts of construction tend to go up in the summer when there are a lot of people who want those services rather than during the winter when there isn’t as much of a demand on the Southern Ontarian market. 

This is specifically because most people think that the spring and summer are the best or only time to renovate although, winter renovation can come with huge savings. Here are only a few of the reasons winter is a great time to do home renovation:

  • Timelines are more likely to be met. Because there are fewer jobs to be done, construction companies will have no excuses for not being on schedule with their work.
  • Major appliances are often on sale. Take advantage of holiday sales to upgrade your appliances at a price.
  • Contractors will negotiate in the winter. In the winter, construction companies are much more likely to give you a deal due to a decrease in demand for work.
  • Manufacture materials will be cheaper. Just as prices go down for the labour that goes into construction in the winter, prices will go down on the materials too due to decreased demand.

If you need any demolition or junk removal or bin rental services, contact us at Mr. Waste Inc. today. We work with all types of waste removal projects including residential, contracting, and industrial and provide a dependable rental service for all types of dumpsters and bins, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about how we can help you with your renovation project.

A Concise Guide to Roll Off Rental Dumpster Bins

What is a roll off dumpster bin?

A lot of dumpster bins are stationary, which means they’re meant to stay in one place. Roll off dumpsters are different, their tops are usually open and they have wheels so they can be mobilized easily, fitting for temporary jobs. The wheels on the roll off are sturdy and powerful, so they can easily be moved into place, or if you are working on multiple projects throughout a property, the bin can moved to different spots.

Who needs a roll off rental dumpster bin?

The kinds of people that would need a roll off dumpster rental in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Milton, and the surrounding regions are homeowners, landlords looking to renovate their property, construction workers and contractors in need of junk hauling from time to time. Basically, a roll off rental dumpster bin is suitable for anybody who has a huge pile of debris or trash they’d like to get rid of all at once without breaking their back! It’s also very convenient and cost effective as opposed to getting rid of the waste yourself. You schedule to book your bin, Mr. Waste will deliver it to you, you fill it up with all the waste and debris you can, and call Mr. Waste who will promptly remove the unit from your property. No worries, no stress!

Sizes of roll off rental dumpster bins

There are many sizes available, but 6, 10, 14, 20, 30, and 40 yard roll offs are the most common. This measurement is in volume, not length. A 6 yard dumpster can hold 6 cubic yards of material, and likewise, a 40 yard one can hold 40 cubic yards. A 6 or 14 yard rental bin will work well for something small like a garage clean out or spring cleaning, but for an entire house renovation, a 20 or 30 yard dumpster would be a better fit. Each rental dumpster bin also includes back doors for easy access when you need it. 

Transporting your rental dumpster bin

If you schedule a rental dumpster bin, you won’t have to worry about transporting it either. In fact, it is actually delivered by a truck that is specially designed to carry it. It’s outfitted with hydraulic equipment that can easily lift and lower the dumpster, even when it’s filled with thousands of pounds of debris.

Filling your bin

These bins are sturdy, and can carry a lot, but there are limits. Keep a close eye on what you toss into your dumpster. Be sure not to toss any prohibited items into your bin. for different reasons. Batteries, Asbestos, cleaning products or harsh chemicals, motor oils are a few items that are cannot be thrown into your rental dumpster. You may also want to avoid putting too many heavy materials inside your dumpster rental. A bin can be loaded to the top rail, although, there needs to be enough space to cover the bin with a tarp upon removal. Despite being built to handle very heavy loads, an overload of items can happen.  

Contact Mr. Waste today to get a quote on a roll off rental dumpster bin!

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Why is Fall the Best Time to Rent a Junk Removal Bin?

We’ve been doing it for years, but does it really make any sense? Every spring we decide to rent out a waste removal bin and clear everything out of our homes. But spring marks the beginning of warm weather- time to get outside; go on road trips, go camping, ride bikes and have dinner on the patio. We all spend our time indoors during autumn and winter, wouldn’t it make more sense to do your ‘spring’ cleaning during the fall? Of course, spring is a popular time to start fresh, throw open the windows and clean out your house, garage, and yard. But we would like to testify that fall is an even better time to do the same thing.

Fall is Just Another Spring

Autumn weather can be compared to spring weather based on the mild temperatures that don’t usually dip until mid-November. This gives you a lot of time to organize your things, and throw away what you don’t need.

The Great Indoors Will Become Your Sanctuary

This is probably the best reason you’d want to get your cleaning done in the fall rather than the spring. Every Canadian knows how long and seemingly never ending our winters can be- and a lot of us take this time to hibernate in our comfortable homes. Why not take the opportunity to declutter, and organize now and enjoy a neater more comfortable home all winter. 

Think of it this way, any time is a good time to declutter and make your home overall, more enjoyable. But, if you get a lot of cleaning and decluttering done now, you may not have as much to do when spring rolls around! 

What do I do with all my Junk?

Rent a Disposal Bin – This one may seem pretty obvious but there are so many pros to renting a disposal bin from Mr.Waste. It is such an easy process; the bin is delivered to your home, left until you fill it, and then removed. We have all types of bin sizes for all your disposal needs, and our professionals are always a call away in case you need some guidance. But, perhaps best of all, your renovation debris will be disposed of responsibly. A Rental Dumpster bin will let you be environmentally friendly and save time while doing it. It’s the best choice!

Recycle – Yes, Recycle. One of the 3 R’s that we’ve been hearing about for years. It probably means some trips to the dump but recycling isn’t only limited to actually going to the dump and recycling items. You can always donate items that still have some life in them or maybe your old items can become the center of a new art piece. Either way, recycling is good for both you and the environment. 

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What is NOT ALLOWED In Your Rental Dumpster Bin

The list below is a list of common items that may not be disposed of when you rent a dumpster. These include all flammable, toxic and hazardous materials, as well as certain items that may damage the dumpster.



Glues and other adhesives can damage a dumpster container and cause trash items to adhere to one another. Instead of putting these in the waste dumpster throw adhesives in small quantities out with your regular trash.


Asbestos is a highly dangerous mineral fibre that was used to make construction materials more flame resistant. It was used for ceilings, roofing, flooring, insulation and more primarily in structures built before the late 1970s. It was banned from use after it was discovered to be carcinogenic. Licensed experts are required for any asbestos removal because it poses a serious health risk.


The chemicals, metals and corrosive materials in batteries can pose a serious threat. This is particularly true for car batteries, which have lead-acid composition. Lead, along with other heavy metals, has to be disposed of separate from other waste.

Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can become hazardous if they aren’t disposed of in a certain way.

Contaminated Soil

Any soil that you believe came in contact with hazardous material such as chemicals and vehicle oils should be treated as if it is hazardous as well. The soil can be treated or it will need to be put through a hazardous waste processor.

Food Waste

Food waste should be thrown out in your regular garbage container, not a rental dumpster. These materials can go in the landfill, but they can attract rodents and vermin. Consider composting food waste or disposing of it through your municipal waste removal department.


Petroleum and gasoline are highly flammable and for that reason they are banned at landfills. Unusable fuels can be disposed of at a hazardous waste centre.

Infectious Waste

Any material or items that contain or have come in contact with bodily fluids and medication are considered infectious waste. There are specialty waste removal experts that are licensed to handle these materials.

Industrial Drums and Waste

The by-products of industrial processes are typically contained within industrial drums. Often these by-products are hazardous materials that must be transported by licensed haulers and disposed of at a specialized processing facility.


The inks and resins that are found in printers and pens can damage waste containers, which is why they should be brought to a recycling centre for proper removal.

Motor Oils

Oils that are used in vehicles and industrial equipment are generally considered to be hazardous. Consult with your local hazardous waste facility for information on how and where to dispose motor oils.


Paints, lacquers and even their cans sometimes contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. This is typically the case for paints that were made before the 1990s. On top of containing hazardous materials, paints can also stain dumpsters and other waste removal equipment.


The refrigerants that are used in machinery and vehicles are highly dangerous and regulated by federal guidelines. If you want to throw a refrigerator in your rent dumpster contact our customer service team for information on the proper draining that is required.

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How to be Responsible in your Waste Management

Did you know Canadians generate more than 25 million tons of waste per year? Fortunately, decades of focus on recycling has directed about 35% of that waste away from landfills and toward more responsible destinations where it can be composted or reused. When it comes to taking responsibility for your own waste, here are some measures you can take to help protect the environment:

Put a focus on recycling

First and foremost, if you want to avoid attracting pests, you should be cautious of what you put into your dumpster rental bin. Avoid placing food items into the bin, as they will rot and stink up the area. Flies will also be attracted to it, causing an infestation of maggots. Not to mention, raccoons are notorious for finding ways into tight spaces to retrieve all types of items, and you don’t want to entice them with food odours.

Compost your organic waste

Food scraps, eggs shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, yard trimming and other organic waste can be composted for a convenient and useful way to handle what would otherwise go to your local landfill. This nutrient rich compost can be used to enrich your soil, improving its structure and allowing for better root growth. Simply put, plants thrive in compost, and when you create your own compost, you won’t have to run to the local hardware store to purchase bags and bags of dirt for your yard.

However, you can’t put all organic waste in your pile. Here are some items you don’t want in your compost pile because they may do more harm than good:

  • Bones
  • Fatty food waste
  • Meat
  • Cat litter
  • Dead plants

What to do with your electronics

Technology is consistently and rapidly changing. Innovation is giving us better electronics, but its also creating piles and piles of unused gear that needs to be properly recycled. These items also don’t belong in your trashcan or rental dumpster bin.

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors (CRT and LCD)
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Keyboards and Mice
  • Televisions
  • VCRs
  • DVD players
  • Stereos
  • Washers/dryers

These are items that are too often found in landfills when they should’ve been responsibly recycled. This means toxic chemicals such as chromium, mercury and other heavy metals are leaking into the soil around the landfills.

If you’ve rented a Mr. Waste dumpster bin, it can be tempting to see it as a huge catchall where anything and everything you don’t want in your home can quickly be disposed of. However, its important to be mindful and practice responsible waste management, which means you need to know what you can and cannot put into the rental dumpster bin. For more clarification on what you should and should not dispose please contact us today.



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How to Keep Rodents Off Your Property

Rodents love to get on your property, inside your garbage bins, and inside your home for two main reasons: they are searching for shelter and they are hunting for sources of food. Rodents can be destructive and noisy, and difficult to get rid of once they make themselves at home and begin to reproduce.

Here are some effective tips from the experts at Mr. Waste for safe pest control strategies that can help keep rodents out of your garbage and off your property:


Rodents are obsessed with garbage. They love to eat it and they love to hide in it. Keeping your garbage cans and bins secured and inaccessible to rodents is one of the best methods of safe pest control. Food waste can be kept in a separate and even more secure compost bin. Also, your outdoor bins should be difficult to knock over. If you are renting a dumpster bin, then you should inquire about a tarp to cover the bin during the night-time.


Any of the food that you keep in your house should always be stored in closed boxes or containers. Don’t leave dirty plates lingering in the sink, and put away all of your unfinished food as soon as you are done eating. Any disposable items used in food preparation should be disposed of in the garbage immediately after cooking.


Mr. Waste also highly recommends that you inspect the outside of your property and the inside of your external walls for any cracks and holes that rodents could use to make their way inside. You should seal any holes you see, as a rodent will find even the smallest and most hidden cracks in their search for safe and warm shelter.


In addition to not leaving food sitting out inside of your home, you shouldn’t leave trash lying around your yard either. Keeping your property as trash free as possible is the only way to ensure that you are not encouraging rodents to hang around your house after passing by your property.

The experts at Mr. Waste are happy to answer any of your questions about keeping your property and your home rodent free, or to provide you with a quote on our dumpster bin rentals. Get in touch with Mr. Waste today!

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Rent a Dumpster Bin for Your Summer Clean-up

If you have renovation plans for this summer, working out the logistics on how to accomplish what you want is crucial. For example, you’ll likely face a need to dispose of a fair amount of debris. How can you get rid of it all when your regular garbage pickup doesn’t suffice? Renting a dumpster bin from Mr. Waste is often the right way to go.

Dumpster bins aren’t just for big commercial projects. The average homeowner can enjoy several benefits and derive a lot of value from using a rental dumpster bin during a summer project. So, what should you do if you’re interested in renting a dumpster to use at home? Here’s a handy guide to help you out.

Consider the type of project you’ll undertake

Before you can begin making decisions, you’ll need to think about what you will have to throw away during the project. This decision could impact the type and size of the rental dumpster bin you’ll need. For example, if you intend to begin renovating an entire room in your house, you could generate waste that encompasses everything from drywall to old timber. Choosing a dumpster that has enough volume to hold all of the waste can help prevent unnecessary delays and expenses.

Estimate how much waste your project will generate

Figuring out how much you intend to throw away ahead of time can help determine both how much dumpster space you will need and what costs will be associated with the renovation. It’s also useful for figuring out if you’ll encounter anything during your clean-up efforts that may be a hazardous and prohibited from dumping.

If you’re cleaning up outdoors, estimating the weight of the waste you’ll produce can be a helpful statistic. For big projects, though, that might not be the most cost-effective choice. It is estimated that one cubic yard of tree branches can equal more than 125 pounds. In situations like these, a volume-based solution can be the best choice. By taking the time to estimate what the waste you’ll deal with, you can determine which is the best way to proceed with your summer renovation project.

Overall, approaching the toughest parts of your summer project can become much easier after ordering a rental dumpster bin from Mr. Waste. The ability to secure both delivery and pickup of the dumpster bin you rent makes it stress-free and easy to manage. When you’ve settled on your project and you’ve ironed out the details, contact Mr. Waste to choose the rental dumpster bin right for your project.

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Waste Management Tips for Outdoor Events This Summer

With the summer season fast approaching, most people are excited to get outside and enjoy the warm weather at the many outdoor events held throughout the summer in the GTA. Whether it’s a food, music, fashion or street festival, there’s nothing like hosting an enjoyable event outdoors that brings people together.

But when the music is turned off, the dancing comes to an end, and the food is all gone, the next major task is clean-up and waste disposal to restore the grounds to their original state. In most scenarios, it’s impossible to keep track of where guests toss out every single piece of trash, therefore its best to implement an effective waste management system for outdoor events. Here are some tips from Mr. Waste to help you manage waste at your outdoor event this summer in Hamilton and the GTA.

Monitor and Control the Items Entering the Venue

One of the most effective ways to minimize waste is to limit what people can bring into the venue. This provides you with a head start in your waste management initiative by creating significantly less trash to dispose of after the event. Additionally, this also protects guests from consuming beverages from unknown sources, thus restricting them to refreshments provided at the event, which you can screen and monitor.

Sort and Organize the Waste

One of the most effective ways to speed up waste disposal after an outdoor event is to implement waste segregation. While you can’t count on every single guest to throw their trash in the appropriate bins, setting up separate bins for food waste, recyclables, and non-recyclables will make it a tad easier to dispose of all the garbage after the event, as most of the similar waste materials will already be grouped together. To encourage waste segregation early on, it also helps to staff designated waste disposal areas, so attendants can direct guests to the right trash bin when disposing of their waste.

Rent a Dumpster Bin from Mr. Waste

With weather conditions, venue set-up, and event security to consider, outdoor events are already almost twice as much stressful and tedious compared to typical indoor events, and you shouldn’t have to add waste disposal on top of that.

Whether you require bin rentals, waste disposal, recycling or just need advice, Mr. Waste is at your service. Waste does not have to be complex and difficult, our experts can guide you through any process easier, saving you time and money. Contact us today to learn more!

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Whether you are an office complex, hotel, store, restaurant, or institutional building, you know that you generate your fair share of waste every day. If you are looking for more economically efficient and eco-friendly ways to reduce and manage waste, then you need a waste reduction/prevention program in place for your commercial business.

If you’re a business in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, or Mississauga, the task of reducing waste and keeping your commercial property clean is easy when you team up with Mr. Waste.

Developing a Waste Program for Your Business
There are many beneficial reasons for establishing an efficient waste disposal plan for your business including; clean recycling, eliminating health hazards, and saving money.

When developing your waste management plan, here is what your business needs to consider:

1. Recycling: A recycling program helps your business reduce waste and remove excess materials from the property all at once. You can purchase a recycling bin(s) from a disposal service so that you can dispose of everything from plastics to office paper to boxboards. Recycling will dramatically reduce the amounts of general waste your property disposes of on a daily basis.

2. Establish a Waste Prevention Program: When you find your business is producing excess waste and it’s becoming a headache, then it is time to develop a waste prevention program. Your program requires three components to be effective: reduce, reuse, donate. Identify what products your company can reuse in some way, and reduce waste generated by changing how you manufacture, produce, or even package your company’s products. Implement recycling rules that are mandatory for all staff to ensure this program is successful.

3. Get a Dumpster: One of the best ways to manage waste is to have Mr. Waste deliver a commercial rental dumpster bin, and pick it up once it’s full. You can rent everything from heavy-duty to front-load dumpsters, from 6 yards to 18 yards long, to position at your facility and schedule private pickups at your convenience.

The Benefits of Commercial Waste Disposal in the GTA 
When you hire Mr. Waste for your commercial waste disposal services, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Increasing recycling efforts saves you disposal costs and improves your company’s bottom line.
  • Managing your waste more effectively enhances your sustainability and improves your company’s image with the public.
  • When you manage waste, you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources by recycling products that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.
  • Tracking waste for your company helps you monitor the progress of your waste disposal program, and identifies where your waste management could continue to improve.

For your company’s waste management plan, contact Mr. Waste in the GTA. Our company offers the dumpster rental bins and the services you need to manage commercial waste more efficiently.

Rent a Mr. Waste Dumpster Bin for Spring Cleaning

As the Spring time nears, you’re probably in need for a rental dumpster bin from Mr. Waste, and you may not even realize it! The warm spring weather means it’s time to inspect your attic, garage, basement or any other storage areas, looking around to identify all the junk you have accumulated over the course of the winter season. When were you planning on getting rid of it?  There’s no better day than today!  But just the thought of going through all that stuff can be overwhelming, so here are some tips from Mr. Waste for junk pick up and cleaning out your storage areas in and around your property.


  • In order to be as efficient and organized as possible, start from one end of the area or space your cleaning and keep track of everything you have already gone through. This way, if you need to take a break or attend to something else, you can easily come back and continue cleaning from where you left off.
  • Create different piles – one for things you plan on getting rid of, another for things you plan on keeping, and a third pile for things that you are unsure about keeping or getting rid of. At the end of the process, you will be able to analyze how much space you’ll have and can then decide which of these items to keep.
  • Take out ay large items you plan on getting rid of immediately at the beginning of the cleaning process. This way you’ll have space to move things around and you can better envision how you want the area to be at the end.
  • Use boxes and labels to organize and sort your items


What You Can Put in Your Rental Dumpster Bin from Mr. Waste

In your rental dumpster bin from Mr. Waste you can put old furniture, old toys, lumber, metal, plastic and other types of debris. If you’re unsure just give us a call and we’ll confirm that item is on our allowable disposal list.

Mr. Waste offers rental dumpster bins in Hamilton and the Greater Hamilton Area including Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Brantford, Flamborough, and Waterdown. When it’s time to do your spring cleaning, you can count on Mr. Waste to arrive on time as planned, pick up your items, and haul them away at very affordable rates. Contact us today to get started!

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