Choosing a Residential Rental Bin

Hiring disposal bins is a common practice amongst construction and industrial companies. On the other hand, homeowners, are not usually experienced with the process of renting dumpster bins, and often make mistakes that can cost them greatly. If you are planning to renovate or extend your home, or are if you’re planning an event or party at home, then you need to know how to choose a disposal dumpster bin rental that is residential-friendly.

Mr. Waste provides bin rental services in Hamilton and the Greater Hamilton area in Southern Ontario, and offers 6 yard to 14 yard size rental bins, perfect for your residential cleanup.

The first step to finding the appropriate dumpster bin rental service is to look for a company that offers custom packages for waste management in residential areas, like us here at Mr. Waste. We offer mini to small-sized dumpsters instead of the large roll-off dumpster bins that are used for clearing industrial debris. Usually, a dumpster bin that is 12 feet in length, or smaller, should be enough to clear garbage or rubbish at home.

Besides the size of the bin, the services offered by the bin rental company should also be considered before you make a choice. Mr. Waste takes care of everything from pickup and drop off of the rental dumpster bin, which includes getting the disposal bin to the location and loading it with the debris, to disposing the debris in a safe manner, so as to cause no inconvenience to the other people residing in the area and also to prevent spillage, which can harm the environment.

Last, but not least, homeowners should consider the costs involved with renting a dumpster bin. Mr. Waste’s residential dumpster bin rental services are tailored to meet the waste management requirements in residential areas and are affordable for homeowners. Contact us today to learn more.

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How to Eliminate Odours from Your Rental Dumpster Bin

DON’T WORRY! It is normal for the mixture of garbage you put in your dumpster bin to go foul and create an intolerable smell for you and for your neighbors. Although trash is normally smelly, there are a couple of ways you can minimize the odour from your rental dumpster bin by following these tips from Mr. Waste.


Use Proper Trash Disposal Methods

The first thing you need to do if you want to reduce the awful smell from your rental dumpster bin is to segregate the garbage. It is not a good idea to bundle up all the household waste into one dumpster bin because the different odours will blend into one highly unpleasant smell that will be hard to get rid of. There are four groups into which you can divide your trash, which would require you to have four mini bins or dividers within your rental dumpster bin.


  • Waste paper products: these include dry paper materials like old files and cardboard, product packaging and office paper, which can be shredded and then taken to the recycle center.
  • Non-biodegradable recyclable waste: these include items like plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other non-biodegradable items that can be put together and sent to recycling facilities.
  • Biodegradable waste: kitchen waste like leftover food, vegetable peelings and rotting food must always be disposed separately. It would be nice if you could turn them into a compost for your garden (try first). If not and you must dispose of them, however, be sure to drain out any liquid (as much as you can), put them into a container that has a seal (like a plastic grocery bag) and then dump them as soon as you can into the rental dumpster bin.
  • Garbage: you can put anything else here and deposit them in the rental dumpster bin.

Immediately after emptying the rental dumpster bin, clean it out thoroughly to remove any odours and to prevent a buildup of nasty odours.


Make Use of Odour Absorbers

Some common household supplies are effective at absorbing the odours from your rental dumpster bin. These include:

  • Cat litter: sprinkle some cat litter inside your dumpster bins to absorb liquid and odours.
  • Baking soda: scatter some baking soda inside the garbage bags and into the odourful the dumpster bin.
  • Charcoal: this helps filter the odours when you add it to the dumpster bins.
  • Dry coffee grounds: make sure the coffee grounds are well dried and add them to the bottom of the rental dumpster bin.
  • Baking soda with vinegar and lemon juice: this mixture can be used to scrub down trash cans and rental dumpster bins between take outs.


Mask the Smell with a Stronger Odour

Things you can use to mask the odour of stinky trash dumpster bins include vanilla extract, citrus peels, tea leaves and coffee grounds. It helps to leave them in the bin overnight. This absorbs and overshadows the bad odour from the trash.

Using any of these tips, or combining them all, will guarantee that odours from your rental dumpster bin are greatly reduced or completely eliminated. If your in need of a rental dumpster bin then don’t hesitate to Contact Mr. Waste today to learn more!

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Renting a Dumpster Bin? Don’t Forget to Protect your Driveway

If you plan on remodeling your home or doing some landscape work, a dumpster bin rental provides the most efficient solution for disposing all the waste safely and effectively. However, the problem is that people often forget that these dumpsters are large metal objects that need to be handled properly to avoid ruining your landscape. As hard as your concrete or asphalt driveway may be, it will likely suffer damage if you place the dumpster bin rental directly on it. Follow these useful tips from Mr. Waste to ensure your driveway remains protected.


Place Plywood or Boards Over the Driveway

Consider placing down some pieces of wood or plywood on the surface of the driveway where the dumpster bin will be positioned, as well as anywhere the delivery truck or other heavy equipment will be operating. This will prevent parts of the dumpster and the construction equipment from sinking into the ground and leaving stains, unwanted grooves, and compacted zones.


Don’t Overfill the Bin

You’d be surprised at how fast construction and landscaping waste can fill the dumpster bin and weigh down. If you continue to add more debris passed the bin’s limits and without considering the weight, it can lead to damaging your driveway or landscape. You can avoid this by knowing the weight limitations of your dumpster bin rental and sticking to the filling recommendations. Don’t be stressed if you need to schedule additional pick-ups, remember that they will likely be cheaper and more convenient than repairing a damaged driveway later.


Distribute the Weight Evenly

For those choosing to use roller dumpster bins, its important to know that most of the weight will be concentrated on the wheels. This is not a concern if you are working on a quick project, but if you intend for the dumpster to remain on the site for an extended period of time, especially in hot weather, then it’s likely to create imprints or dents on the asphalt. Therefore, we recommend placing wide boards beneath the wheels in order to distribute the weight over a larger area and minimize compact.


Be Aware of Leaks

Liquid wastes or food waste leave you with the risk of leakage, which can stain the driveway. It’s important to inspect the dumpster bin carefully prior to rental for any points of weakness such as rust, corrosion, or gaps, and request a dumpster replacement if you are not satisfied with what you see. Alternatively, you could place a tarp beneath the dumpster placement. Remember, even if you have no waste liquids, some materials can still seep and leave stains if it rains.

If you have a job at hand, contact Mr. Waste today to rent a dumpster bin and get it done effectively and efficiently. We will assist you with choosing the right dumpster bin and by making recommendations based on your project in order to help reduce the chances of driveway damage.

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5 Benefits of Bin Rentals

dumpster bin

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted waste from your home or business, such as construction clutter following a roofing project or new business development, it’s always ideal to rent a dumpster bin to ensure an efficient and safe clean up of the work site. Renting a dumpster tends to be less costly and more flexible than hiring a junk removal service or attempting to remove the waste in a traditional manner. Below we cover 5 benefits you’ll experience by renting a dumpster for your next construction or renovation project:


  1. Flexibility & Versatility
    As opposed to hiring a junk removal service, who wants to do everything in one day, you can rent a dumpster for any duration you please (ex. one week). This gives you the flexibility you need to work carefully and comfortably without stress or feeling rushed. Secondly, you’ll have a wide range of dumpster types and sizes to choose from, ensuring the waste on your work site can be properly disposed of without issue. There are various dumpsters you can request for special disposals such as liquid waste, septic tanks, and portable restrooms.
  2. A Safer Work Site
    By utilizing a rental bin at your work site, you are ensuring the safety of your workers by keeping the construction site clean and clear. By having a rental bin, you avoid dealing with random piles of garbage and debris that can be a safety hazard for workers and anyone walking/driving through the area. Having a dumpster will dramatically decrease the likelihood of any accidents, injuries, lawsuits, and many other dangers.
  3. Environmentally Efficient
    Proper waste disposal is definitely beneficial to the environment. When more waste is picked up and disposed of at a single time, it reduces the CO2 emissions from dump vehicles coming in and out of your work site. Furthermore, by disposing garbage directly into the rental bin, you reduce the risk of having any of the waste or debris leech into the soil and groundwater in the area.
  4. A More Efficient Work Site
    By renting a dumpster for your work site, you’ve designated a spot to dispose waste, which everyone working is aware of. This eliminates any work or effort needed to pile up garbage or remove it, allowing your workers to focus their time and energy on the actual project at hand. This will also decrease costs and increase profits since workers can safely and efficiently work and move through the site.
  5. Peace of Mind
    Knowing you have a designated dumpster for all the waste and debris on your work site keeps you stress free and able to focus on the project at hand. A rental bin also dramatically reduces any chances of accidents or injuries. Finally, when you rent a bin from a professional disposal company, you can rest assured that your waste will be disposed of in accordance with the law and any regulations.

Renting a dumpster bin to rid your work site of garbage, debris, or any other waste can be crucial to ensuring your project is completed without any safety hazards, accident, or injuries. It is also beneficial to increase profits and decrease cost. Call Mr. Waste today to learn about our options for you!

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Contractor & Construction Dumpsters

Contractor & Construction Bins

No matter your contracting project, large or small, commercial or residential, Mr. Waste offers the right size dumpster at the right price for the job.

As a company that has been in operation for more than 40 years, we understand that your business highly values the health and safety, and well-being of your employees. From one business to another, we want to help yours be the best that it can be by offering dumpster and bin services to keep your workspace and work site tidy and safe, for everyone.

We not only have your business in mind, but we also have your client in mind. Imagine the impression you will leave them by maintaining a well-kept construction site, free of debris and errant materials, by using a bin for anything marked recycle/landfill.

Want to know more?

New Home Construction:

We want to make this easy, convenient, and hassle-free for your business. Don’t worry about factoring in dump runs during a construction project. We can schedule a regular bin pick-up and disposal, or you can simply request a pick-up and while we’re at it we will replace it with an empty one.  

Home Renovation:

Old nails, dry-wall, wood scraps, insulation, plumbing, electrical, hardware and more can all be disposed of by Mr. Waste! Our dumpsters offer a lower price per yard which means they can handle just about anything you throw its way.

Backyard Renovation:

Whether you’re replacing an old deck for a client or building a new one, we’ll take (almost) all the materials you can no longer use or repurpose. See below for items we do not accept.


Shingles, roofing, and gutter materials will not be a welcomed sight for your client if they are strewn about their property. A strategically-placed bin will make cleanup more efficient and pleasant for both you and the family you’re helping.

Pool Construction:

Ah, refreshing summer fun! We may not be able to supply the pool structure, lining, pumps, or water – but we can help your cleanup by removing the unwanted leftovers of constructing the pool.

Please note:

We do not accept: tires, propane tanks, batteries, asbestos, paint cans and pesticides. The customer will be held responsible for any financial and/or environmental impact of all hazardous materials.

September: Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Everyone is doing it. Neighbours, coworkers, animals, even the trees. Fall is a transitional time of year.

What did you think we were talking about?

It feels as though all aspects of life in Canada are bracing themselves for cooler temperatures, less sunlight, to-do lists for indoor projects, and of course fall cleanup!

Looking out your window at your deck are you thinking ‘Well, I think that’s the last summer we’ll get out of that patio furniture,’ or ‘What are we going to do about all those leaves that are bound to fall and cover the ground?’ … Continue reading

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