How to Eliminate Odours from Your Rental Dumpster Bin

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DON’T WORRY! It is normal for the mixture of garbage you put in your dumpster bin to go foul and create an intolerable smell for you and for your neighbors. Although trash is normally smelly, there are a couple of ways you can minimize the odour from your rental dumpster bin by following these tips from Mr. Waste.


Use Proper Trash Disposal Methods

The first thing you need to do if you want to reduce the awful smell from your rental dumpster bin is to segregate the garbage. It is not a good idea to bundle up all the household waste into one dumpster bin because the different odours will blend into one highly unpleasant smell that will be hard to get rid of. There are four groups into which you can divide your trash, which would require you to have four mini bins or dividers within your rental dumpster bin.


  • Waste paper products: these include dry paper materials like old files and cardboard, product packaging and office paper, which can be shredded and then taken to the recycle center.
  • Non-biodegradable recyclable waste: these include items like plastic bottles, aluminum cans and other non-biodegradable items that can be put together and sent to recycling facilities.
  • Biodegradable waste: kitchen waste like leftover food, vegetable peelings and rotting food must always be disposed separately. It would be nice if you could turn them into a compost for your garden (try first). If not and you must dispose of them, however, be sure to drain out any liquid (as much as you can), put them into a container that has a seal (like a plastic grocery bag) and then dump them as soon as you can into the rental dumpster bin.
  • Garbage: you can put anything else here and deposit them in the rental dumpster bin.

Immediately after emptying the rental dumpster bin, clean it out thoroughly to remove any odours and to prevent a buildup of nasty odours.


Make Use of Odour Absorbers

Some common household supplies are effective at absorbing the odours from your rental dumpster bin. These include:

  • Cat litter: sprinkle some cat litter inside your dumpster bins to absorb liquid and odours.
  • Baking soda: scatter some baking soda inside the garbage bags and into the odourful the dumpster bin.
  • Charcoal: this helps filter the odours when you add it to the dumpster bins.
  • Dry coffee grounds: make sure the coffee grounds are well dried and add them to the bottom of the rental dumpster bin.
  • Baking soda with vinegar and lemon juice: this mixture can be used to scrub down trash cans and rental dumpster bins between take outs.


Mask the Smell with a Stronger Odour

Things you can use to mask the odour of stinky trash dumpster bins include vanilla extract, citrus peels, tea leaves and coffee grounds. It helps to leave them in the bin overnight. This absorbs and overshadows the bad odour from the trash.

Using any of these tips, or combining them all, will guarantee that odours from your rental dumpster bin are greatly reduced or completely eliminated. If your in need of a rental dumpster bin then don’t hesitate to Contact Mr. Waste today to learn more!

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