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Whether you are an office complex, hotel, store, restaurant, or institutional building, you know that you generate your fair share of waste every day. If you are looking for more economically efficient and eco-friendly ways to reduce and manage waste, then you need a waste reduction/prevention program in place for your commercial business.

If you’re a business in Burlington, Milton, Oakville, or Mississauga, the task of reducing waste and keeping your commercial property clean is easy when you team up with Mr. Waste.

Developing a Waste Program for Your Business
There are many beneficial reasons for establishing an efficient waste disposal plan for your business including; clean recycling, eliminating health hazards, and saving money.

When developing your waste management plan, here is what your business needs to consider:

1. Recycling: A recycling program helps your business reduce waste and remove excess materials from the property all at once. You can purchase a recycling bin(s) from a disposal service so that you can dispose of everything from plastics to office paper to boxboards. Recycling will dramatically reduce the amounts of general waste your property disposes of on a daily basis.

2. Establish a Waste Prevention Program: When you find your business is producing excess waste and it’s becoming a headache, then it is time to develop a waste prevention program. Your program requires three components to be effective: reduce, reuse, donate. Identify what products your company can reuse in some way, and reduce waste generated by changing how you manufacture, produce, or even package your company’s products. Implement recycling rules that are mandatory for all staff to ensure this program is successful.

3. Get a Dumpster: One of the best ways to manage waste is to have Mr. Waste deliver a commercial rental dumpster bin, and pick it up once it’s full. You can rent everything from heavy-duty to front-load dumpsters, from 6 yards to 18 yards long, to position at your facility and schedule private pickups at your convenience.

The Benefits of Commercial Waste Disposal in the GTA 
When you hire Mr. Waste for your commercial waste disposal services, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Increasing recycling efforts saves you disposal costs and improves your company’s bottom line.
  • Managing your waste more effectively enhances your sustainability and improves your company’s image with the public.
  • When you manage waste, you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources by recycling products that would otherwise be disposed of in a landfill.
  • Tracking waste for your company helps you monitor the progress of your waste disposal program, and identifies where your waste management could continue to improve.

For your company’s waste management plan, contact Mr. Waste in the GTA. Our company offers the dumpster rental bins and the services you need to manage commercial waste more efficiently.

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