How to be Responsible in your Waste Management

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Did you know Canadians generate more than 25 million tons of waste per year? Fortunately, decades of focus on recycling has directed about 35% of that waste away from landfills and toward more responsible destinations where it can be composted or reused. When it comes to taking responsibility for your own waste, here are some measures you can take to help protect the environment:

Put a focus on recycling

First and foremost, if you want to avoid attracting pests, you should be cautious of what you put into your dumpster rental bin. Avoid placing food items into the bin, as they will rot and stink up the area. Flies will also be attracted to it, causing an infestation of maggots. Not to mention, raccoons are notorious for finding ways into tight spaces to retrieve all types of items, and you don’t want to entice them with food odours.

Compost your organic waste

Food scraps, eggs shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, yard trimming and other organic waste can be composted for a convenient and useful way to handle what would otherwise go to your local landfill. This nutrient rich compost can be used to enrich your soil, improving its structure and allowing for better root growth. Simply put, plants thrive in compost, and when you create your own compost, you won’t have to run to the local hardware store to purchase bags and bags of dirt for your yard.

However, you can’t put all organic waste in your pile. Here are some items you don’t want in your compost pile because they may do more harm than good:

  • Bones
  • Fatty food waste
  • Meat
  • Cat litter
  • Dead plants

What to do with your electronics

Technology is consistently and rapidly changing. Innovation is giving us better electronics, but its also creating piles and piles of unused gear that needs to be properly recycled. These items also don’t belong in your trashcan or rental dumpster bin.

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Monitors (CRT and LCD)
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Fax machines
  • Copiers
  • Keyboards and Mice
  • Televisions
  • VCRs
  • DVD players
  • Stereos
  • Washers/dryers

These are items that are too often found in landfills when they should’ve been responsibly recycled. This means toxic chemicals such as chromium, mercury and other heavy metals are leaking into the soil around the landfills.

If you’ve rented a Mr. Waste dumpster bin, it can be tempting to see it as a huge catchall where anything and everything you don’t want in your home can quickly be disposed of. However, its important to be mindful and practice responsible waste management, which means you need to know what you can and cannot put into the rental dumpster bin. For more clarification on what you should and should not dispose please contact us today.



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