How to Keep Your Bin Rental Costs Down

mr waste dumpster

Great news! You’ve decided that it’s finally the time to rent a dumpster bin. Now you can successfully get rid of all that cluttered junk in your garage, basement, and yard.

If you’ve ever rented a junk removal bin, you know what it feels like when the bin is delivered. It looks so big, almost overwhelming, and it can feel like you’ll never be able to fill it.

The truth is, when you actually start using it, you realize that the bin can fill up fast. A lot faster than you think. You might end up wondering if you need to rent a larger, and more costly bin. In this blog, we will break down how you can save money while renting a dumpster from Mr. Waste.


3 Ways to Minimize Your Bin Rental Costs

To prevent renting a larger dumpster bin, or renting the same-sized bin a second time, it’s worth having a strategy or method that can help you control the chaos.

Although Bin-Rentals ensure that your junk is recycled, donated, or otherwise disposed of responsibly, you may need the bin space for the really difficult stuff such as items with irregular dimensions.


Recycle What You Can

Go through your basement, garage, and crawlspace and find cardboard, paper (e.g. old magazines), or plastic items, and try to dispose of them in your regular municipal recycling bins. The city can take a lot off your hands too, so it’s good to take advantage of that!


Can You Donate Anything?

This is a very essential question to ask yourself. It applies especially to larger items, such as furniture like sofa chairs or gym equipment, which may be better donated than taking up space in the disposal bin. There’s always someone out there that could still benefit from your used items, like a friend or family member.


Take Hazardous Waste to Municipal Recycling Depots

When you get in that clean-up mode, it’s hard to stop until everything is cleared out but not even your disposal bin will accept hazardous waste. Still, while you’re in the mood, get it all together and make a trip to your local municipal recycling centre or wait for a Community Environment Day in your region.

To learn more about what you can and can’t put in your disposal bin, as well as keeping your bin rental costs down, contact us today or visit our FAQ page!