How to Prepare for your Dumpster Bin Arrival

Mr. Waste dumpster bin

If you’re in the midst of doing a massive waste clean-up in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, or Mississauga area, then renting a dumpster bin is your best option. When preparing for the arrival of your first dumpster bin, you might not know where to start. This blog will help you get ready ahead of time so ensure you fill up your dumpster as efficiently as possible.


Find a spot for your dumpster rental

Many people wait until the container arrives and the truck driver is waiting for you to make space. This can be avoided if you do it in advance. You want your dumpster to be placed somewhere easily accessible. If you have lots to get rid of in an attic or second story floor, you may want your dumpster to be placed under a window or balcony so everything can be thrown down below. You also want to ensure you are not blocking any fire exits, parking spots, fire hydrants or neighbouring driveways.

If you plan on having the dumpster bin placed on a lawn you may want to consider what effect that will have on the grass or garden. If the ground is super wet, your dumpster might leave marks and/or remove some of the grass. Sometimes, if possible, placing the dumpster in the backyard is the best option so you and your neighbors will not have to look at an eyesore.


Get organized

You shouldn’t have to wait for your dumpster rental to arrive to start the cleaning process. If you plan on selling or donating anything, start sorting that out first. Creating piles of donations, marketplace items, and garbage can easily be done in advance. Once your dumpster arrives all that’s left to do is to place everything into the bin.


Properly dispose of any flammable chemicals or batteries 

If you have materials that can’t go into the landfill such as e-waste that require special recycling care, make sure to avoid accidentally throwing them into the dumpster. Handling hazardous materials with care is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the personal safety of everyone that will be in close contact with the dumpster. Keep your employees, volunteers, and dumpster service people safe by sorting out the hazards before your dumpster is delivered.

Now that you know how to prepare for your dumpster bin arrival, give Mr. Waste a call today to rent yours today!