Why Should I Do My Landscaping In The Fall?


Most would assume the best time to get their landscaping done is in the spring, but experts actually suggest it’s the fall. The cooler temperatures are easier for you to work in and aren’t as fluctuating as they are in the spring. During springtime, there’s overnight freezes, heavy rainfall, and unexpected snowfall. Experts say planting perennials, shrubs, and trees during the fall allows them to establish a root system without spending energy on growing leaves or blooming flowers. Then, when spring rolls around, they will have a strong root system allowing them to put all their energy towards growing strong. 

The fall season is also when seasonal plants die so it gives you an opportunity to do your fall cleanup at the same time as your landscaping project. To help, Mr. Waste offers a variety of dumpster bin rentals for all your yard waste.


Freshen Up Your Property on a Budget

You can easily update several features in your yard to make you fall in love with it again. Many of these projects can be done with a quick trip to the hardware store or local lawn and garden shop. 

Mulch: Laying down a fresh layer of mulch can clean up the look of a garden bed or area around a tree. It’s also used to keep weeds and grass out the way and helps retain water for your plants and trees, saving you on your watering bill.

Perennials: Purchase once, enjoy for years to come. These plants bloom every year. You don’t have to be a gardener to take care of them. Once established, the right perennials for your area won’t need much maintenance.

Edge or expand your patio: Dig out a trench around your existing patio and fill it with mulch or landscaping stones. This area is also a great place to add some plants for colour. 

Native plants: Growing native plants allows you to spend less time and money on nurturing them. These types of plants are naturally compatible with the rainfall and other climate conditions in your area.

Walkways: This can spice up the look of your garden area and the entrance to your backyard. 


What to Include in Your Landscaping Budget

Once you’ve created a plan for what you want to remodel in your backyard oasis, take a look at your budget. Here is a list of items to consider when creating a budget for your landscape project:

  • Demolition and renting a dumpster
  • Soil and mulch
  • Irrigation
  • Patios and stones
  • Plants

Now that you know what you need for your landscaping project, the next step is to rent a dumpster bin that will fit your needs. Contact Mr. Waste today for yours!