Materials That Shouldn’t Be Included in Your Recycling Bin


There are several materials that are not safe to put in your recycling bin and it’s important to know what they are. Concrete and drywall, for example, are two materials which can be found at many job sites, residential and commercial. They’re both harmful to the environment if left in the landfill, which is why at Mr. Waste we ensure safe and appropriate disposal.

Concrete is made up of some pretty harmful materials, including lime and rock dust. When it’s put back into the earth, it causes irreversible damage to the environment. Recycling concrete is the best approach to take. Concrete can be made into gravel for driveways and walkways, fill for roads and retaining walls and can even be used, when graded properly, for paving stones. There are many uses for concrete which is why we’re pleased to assist in making the most out of any old concrete waste you get stuck with.

Drywall is one of those materials where although it’s needed in every home, it really is harmful stuff at the end of the day. The main component of drywall is Gypsum and when drywall rots in a landfill, it can get into the groundwater, poisoning it with sulfates. This is why it’s important to have drywall tested, rated and disposed of properly.

We also deal with scrap metal and e-waste recycling. Sometimes, people have cars that just don’t work, won’t work, or that the owners are just never going to get around to fixing them. Sometimes, the car scrapyard won’t take certain cars in because they’re not worth the time and hassle it takes to properly dispose of them. For situations like that, we are here to get rid of it for you, hassle free.

Broken down electronics, like those old computers, radios and all that extra wiring and electric boards which have found their way to the end of their lifetime need a place to go as well. Though these things may seem worthless to you, outdated and ancient, they come in handy in a number of manufacturing situations. This is why Mr. Waste gets them out of your way and into the hands of the right people.

Oil and Grease are in a family of materials which are super harmful if improperly disposed of. Whether you run a busy restaurant, or any other business which makes quick use of oil and grease, we have you covered! Pouring oil down the drain is not the right way to go about disposing of it. This messes with both your plumbing system and the environment. Also, few may know this but, if vegetable oil is not heated to a smoking point, it can be reused! It is the responsibility of all of us to treat our planet rightly, and we are always happy to help.

In the Milton or Mississauga area and need your harmful materials to be disposed of? Contact us today and we’ll take care of it!